SAT Vocab 9/10

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SAT Vocab 9/10

Post  Hanna on Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:55 pm

Wanton adj.extravagant, excessive
Syn. Extreme
Ant. frugal, reserved
Odiousadj. repugnant or hateful
Syn.abhorrent, abominable, detestable
Ant. lovable, sympathetic
Contentiousadj. quarrelsome, belligerent
Syn. bellicose,combative , militant, pugnacious
Ant.peacable, amicable, agreeable, complaisant
Stridentadj. shrill, loud, harsh
Syn. grating, jarring, rasping, raucous, clamorous
Ant.euphonious, melodious, sweet, pleasing
Pompousadj.ostentatiously grad or showy; exhibiting self-importance; pretentious; arrogant
Syn.pontifical, egocentric, pretentious
Ant.humble, meek , modest
Belligerentadj. quarrelsome, combaive, agressive, hostile
Syn.bellicose , combative contentious, pugnacious
Ant. friendly, peacable, concilatory, amicable
Mitigatingadj.made milder or more tolerant;reduce in degree as something objectable; moderate
Syn.assuage, alleviate, palliate, lessen
Ant.intensify, aggravate, increase
Propitiousadj.favorably disposed, benign, affording favorable conditions
Syn.auspicious, kindly, benign, promising
Ant.adverse , unpromising
Plausibleadj. having superficial appearance of trust or trustworthiness, possible, likely
Syn.believable, credible, probable
Ant.improbable, unlikely, impossible
Speciousadj. apparently true,correct or plausible but actually not, misleading or deceptive
Syn. deceptive erroneous, inaccurate
Rhetoricaladj. over-elaborate, showy, concerned primarily with style or effect
Syn.oratorical, euphuistic, flowery, grand, eloquent
Ant.plain, unpretentious, unembellished
Derogatoryadj.disparaging, belittling, negative, expressing low opinion
Syn.disparaging, detracting, pejorative, depreciatory
Ant.complementay, laudatory, admiring longer in use, outmoded, out of date
Syn.extinct, outmoded, outworn, passe, unfashionable
Ant.contemporary, modern, new-fashioned, up to date current
Exemplaryadj.serving as a model for imitation, worthy of imitation, outstanding
Syn.paradigmatic, outstanding, admirable, commonable
Ant.unworthy, evil, corrupt
Acuteadj.keen, sharp, critical, keenly perceptive
Syn.keen, penetrating, incisive, trenchant, piercing
Ant.obtuse, dense , dull, stupid
Jeopardizeadj. expose to peril or hazard, risk, endanger
Syn.hazard, imperil, endanger, menace,risk guard
Nullifyv. to annul, make void, render invalid, deprive of force or efficacy
Syn.cancel out, invalidate, void
Ant.validate, authenticate
Epitomizev. to function an idel or typical representation;capture the essence of, sum up
Ant.refute filter into or through; gain entrance surreptitously or secretly
Syn. Sneak in, mingle
Reproachv. or n. severe expression of censure or blam; rebuke
Syn.rebuke, censure
Objectiveadj.uninfluenced by emotion;surmise of person; prejudice
Syn.unbiased, factual
Ant.suppositional, biased, prejudiced regard with awe, great respect or devotion
Syn.adore, worship, glorify
Ant.despite , abhor, loathe make a clear distinction; distingush
Syn.differentiate, identify
Ant.muddle, confuse begin or introduce something new
Syn.contrive, devise, originate
Candidadj.impartial, without pretense or reserve, straight forward and not reversed
Syn. frank, sincere
Ant.hidden, deceptive, disguise


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