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9/10 Notes

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These are VERY lacking. Please fill in the blanks.

-Edward Burke was correct in his ideals of the French Revolution(mob mentality, riots). Example. Princess le Balle’s body was placed in a café and the citizens drank her blood and forced the nobles to do so as well.
- The French Revolution is mainly a stream of riots.
-Austria and Prussia are “rattling the saber”, preparing for war.
-In France there were those who where pro-monarch and were suspected to be issuing a counter revolution. To prevent these actions the Tribunal is make to go out and root out spies. Their leader, Danton , is given the title Minister of Justice. As a result of these forces 3,000 people are detained as spies.
-Verdun, between France , Germany and Belgium falls to pro-monarch forces September 1792. IN reaction to this, the Trbunal executes the detained prisoners to “preserve Paris”.
-September Massacre- release of anger toward the ancien regime lead by the Paris Commune. The participants,_____,are given money and praise.
-"La Marseillaise"- The French National anthem glorifies this massacre as protecting their country
Ye sons of France, awake to glory,
Hark, hark, what myriads bid you rise:
Your children, wives and grandsires aging,
See their tears and hear their cries,
See their tears and hear their cries!
Shall hateful tyrants mischief breeding
With hireling Hosts, a ruffian band
Affright and desolate the land,
While peace and liberty lie bleeding?

To arms, to arms, ye brave!
ThMarch on! march on!
All hearts resolved on victory or death.

O sacred love of Francy, undying,
ThThy defenders, death defying,
Fight with Freedom at their side.
Soon they sons shall be victorious
When the banner high is raised;
And they dying enemies, amazed,
Shall behold they triumph, great and glorious.


-1792- Battle of Valmy brings Austria and Prussia to a hault.
-September 3, 1792 - Louis XVi is renamed Louis Capet after his ancestor Hugh Capet and is put on trial for treason. They bring in a trunk of evidence holding his correspondance between himself and enemy countries and is blamed for all of France's turmoil. The Girondins implicated and the Jacobins (who were not involved in the government) took the critical possition.Robspierre had vooted against war and was very anti-monarch and proclaimed the king should be punished with no trial because the king would attack the revolution.
- The new National Convention meetsSpetember 21, 1792
-September 22- The Republic of France is proclaimed
-January 7, 1793 Louis Capet was found guilty.
-January 21 he was killed via guillotine.The Girondins tried to intercede. As he was a fat man , the blade did not cut all the way through on the 1st try.
- The European Powers aare no longer will to ignore France after regicide(killing the ruler).
-February 1793 - The assignats are disvalues by 50% because they cause inflation in an attempt to end gold and credit.
-The National Guard is used to break up bread riots.
-March 10-Enrages- John Barle and Rux demand a price be put of bread and speculators and horders should be arrested.
- Paris Commune ends free market in a socialistic manner by giving price control to bread.
-May 4, they establish the maximun price.
-Jacobins use the Enrages to their own end and end Girondin's control over the economy.
-March 1793- Belgium revolts against France.
-Girondins cause revolt in Vendee (sp?) when loyal Catholics and loyalists are angered by the recruiting os soldiers and the excesses of the revolution. On March 18 they are defeated.
-April 1793, The Commitee of Public Safety is established with Danton as their leader and consisting od 9 men. The Oversee and control the war, recruit soldiers,and stop uprisings. They are mainly responsible for the Reign of Terror.
-Marat( dead guy in tub on the front of packet) is the Thomas Payne of the French Revolution. he wrote pamphlets that Liberty is established by violence. His writings began a purge with the Girondins on trial. They are aquitted.
-Mob arrests 22 Girodinss and places them on trial.
- There is now thew Commision of 12. They arrest Barle and Rux, Danton protests in Paris.
-Robspierre is against the Girondins.
-1793 At the convention building 29 ministers are arrested and 2 more aswell in request by the people.
-Jacobonis are incharge of the government with the mob on their side and the National Guard protecting them from the enraged country peasants.
-June 1793- They establish a new constitution with universal male suffriage, freedom of property and press, and a freemarket. Robspierre believe it was too liberal so they locked it in a chest and hung it from the ceiling to delay its implementation after the war.
-Mites(sp?) is under Prussian control August of 1793 and the assignant goes down to 23% value.
_Women's movement- violates Russo's principles- Cordelie(sp?)-equal rights for women- Olympe de Gouges (sp?) writes Declaration on the Rights of Women.
-August 22 - The jacobins close all women's clubs.
-Replublic of Virtue is established amd begins dechristianization to become a reason based society with civic religion. "Religion is the opiate of the masses". How? They force priests to marry, adopt children, and violate vow.
-They desecrate graveyards and turn churches into Temples of Reason.
- They creat a revolutionary calendar named after the season beginning with the date of the establishmen tof the republic. They have 10 day weeks and revolution related holidays.
-Commitee of Public Safety votes out Donanton in July and are the authority as of October 1793. Robspierre become the head and IS the commitee . They meet in secret and votes are 100%. There are no minutes of these meetings.
Barere, Billaud-Varenne, Collot d' Herbois, Couhon, Carnot (bastard), Lindet, Saint Jester, and Robspierre are the forfront of the commitee.
-October 10 1793 the Law of Frimarit(sp?) gives them power to go to cities and provinces and pass judgement. For example, a general lost a battle and Saint Jester has him shot and drowns counter-revolutionaries. They report back to Robspierre every 2 days.
-Revolution Tribunals- Law pf Suspects- Sept. 17, 1793- kill 30,000 people by guillotone- sword of liberty -hung from lamposts
-Guilty?-nice clothes, clean, protest innocence, cries when husband is killed, summary justive
-April 1794- tribunal for Tenville- overconspiracy- Law of Praririae- June 10, 1794- no defense- confirm death - 9% nobles 7% clergy and the rest are normal
-Cult of Supreme Being declared- athestism problem, 90% believe in God- worships reason- totalitarian regime - commitee members killed - report back each 10 days
-2 factions - hardliners- sans culottes -more intense revolution -blood dance song- Carmagne- Sing River- sink barges of the ead- also their water supply
Atbert- arrested, accused of famine- guillotine March 28
-Law of Vitonese- seizure of conspirators property
-reduce Danton's popularity- March 30, 1794 - trial of treason - could not speak as he was the Mark Anthony of his time. April 15, 1794- guillotined


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