Notes from September 9 until September 19

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Notes from September 9 until September 19

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September 9

Riots in France when mob turned loose chaos occurs
French Revolution a series of riots to whichever was in rule
Pro-monarch groups; counter revolutionary
Extraordinary criminal tribune-led by Dantonleader of justice
August 30-31 1792: many people detained
September 1792- Verdun priests killed to preserve forces
September Massacres to get rid of old order (ancient regime)
September aussieurs-killing not looked down upon; encouraged
September 20, 1792-Battle of Valmy Prussians stopped
September 21, 1792- new national convention meet to make constitution
September 22, 1792- new republic formed
December 3, 1792- change Louis XVI’s name to Louis Capte put on trial for treason; used trunk full of letters of correspondence as evidence for treason; girondins implicated on trial; Jacobins vote against war; Robespierre believed king shoul be punished
January 7, 1793- Louis XVI executed by guillotine
February1, 1793- government devalues money; assignatcreates inflammation; economic situation still bad
March 10, 1793- enragesJacques Rue; demand government to put price of bread and other conspiracies with price of foodprice control
March 1793- revolt in Belgium against France control; vendee uprising by people who were loyal to Catholic Church
April 1793- committee of public safety (lead by Danton) oversee control warReign of Terror
May 4, 1793- maximum price of bread-end to girondins control of market

MaratThomas Paine of French Revolution- “Liberty in France has to be established by violence” girondins try to put him on trial
Commissions of 12arrest people against national convention to arrest 22 girondinsRobespierre leads revolt against girondins
June 2, 1793- national guard arrest girondin(30 of them) Jacobins in charge of France- only when national guard is around to protect them
June 1793- new constitution allow men’s suffrage; way too liberal for warfare delay implantation no one allowed to see
August 1793- assignat 22% values nothing
-found out in constitution women (cors de liey) equal membership and rights
-douges declaration of rights men and women
October 1793- Jacobins close women’s clubs
-society based on civic religion (reason); dechristianize
Priests made to marry, consecrate vows churches turned into temples of reason
Reverend calendar- named of seasons ( Republic pronounced beginning- 10 days long instead of biblical 7 days) holidays associated with revolution
Committee of Public Safety and national guard become government Robespierre head of committee decisions always
Barere, Collot di Herbois, couthon, Carnot, Lindet, St. Just, Robespierre
October 10, 1793- 19 vendamire {decrees able to give power to these people}
December 4 1793- Frimare
September 17,1793 Revolutionary Tribunes-dispense “justice”
Sword of liberty-/national razor- guillotine
Wearing nice clothes {reasons of counterrevolutionary} and to kill you
State your innocence
April 1974- Tenville tribunal (22 parenial-June 10, 1794) removes law of defense confirm death sentences
May 1794- cult of supreme being dechristianisation becomes problem; reason=supreme being
2 factions- hard liners (Herbert-sans-culott) and modern; carmagnole (death song)
March 4, 1794- hard liners arrestedguillotined
Laws of ventiose- seizure of suspects land Danton popular
March 30, 1794- Danton arrested not allowed to speak
April 5, 1794-executed

September 15

Summer of 1793- spain defeated France; valenciens- British laying troops in Dunkirk
July 1793- Vande province- rebellion against Parisian government
August 27, 1793- Tulon handed port to France
December 1793- committee takes more power; French able to push back Austrians
June 1793- Bordeaux in revolt of committee; Leon raised army against Parisian governmentgirondin
December 12, 1793- rebel army defeated
August- Marseille recaptured
Napoleon Bonaparte- drive British out of Tulane
October- December- province of leon given exemplary of justice
April 1794- 2000 people in Leon executed; in French control
Assignat- up to 50% of face value
February 1794- maximum price scale in France; improves supply
June 25, 1794- France defeat Belgium
June 26, 1794- enter Brussels-take over July 10
Propaganda campaign in France to join armygenerals executed if they fail
June 1794-thermodaore reaction; festival of supreme being; Robespierre denounce French Revolution dividing loyalties of committees; refuses to speak only Jacobin club
Le shopley- control of supply and demand

July 26, 1794-Robespierre conspiracy undergo in France; committee refused to publish speech
July 27, 1794- debate to support by Robespierrearrest St. Just CathoneParis commune releases themPierre tries for insurrection
July 29, 1794- insurrection fizzles outguillotined down with the maximum Jacobins
July 1794-October 1795- directory thermadores-close Reverend Tribunal leader guillotined May 1795
December 1794- Jacobins try to distance themselves from the blame of Reign of Terror
New constitution- 3rd (more liberal) no monarchy, no Jacobin-approved August 1795; equality under law- executive branch (directory)
Legislative- council of 500 council, council of elders
2/3 members of council in original council; ¾ people could not vote
October 5, 1795-Districts in Paris call insurrection; storm in convention ball-Napoleon saves again
vendamere rising lack of food printing assignats (a lot)
November 1795- Napoleon takes over France; paper money 92% inflation, 2 oz of bread per day
April 1795- peace with Prussia
May- uprising bread controls and unseen constitution
July 1795- war with Britain; peace with Spain
1796- new currencypossibility of Jacobins coming back to power (wanting economic situation intact)
Conspiracy of Equals-Gracus tries to take over convention hall
September 1797- Bonaparte defeats Austria; Belgium inequity
September 17- repudiates (France) increase taxesindirect taxesmilitary units not loyal to governmentresistance movements
September 18-Directory tries to bring in moderates; 53 deputies arrested
1798- Napoleon allowed to wage war against Britaingoes to Egypt with army
Directory wants Napoleon to fail; Rosetta Stone recovered-takes Alexandria
Not allowing Royalists back in power- another election-127 known jacobins
August 1, 1798- Battle of the Nile- 13 ships destroyed; 2000 French soldiers die
March 1799- Austria, Russia, Ottoman plan to take over France
Electionsdirectory looses control; Abbe Sieyes
November 9, 1799- Sieyes, Barras- use Napoleon-military in control; Napoleon will take power
1801- France defeated by Britain

September 16

August 15,1769- Napoleon born in Corsica; his parents were lower noblemen
Family not wealthy; grew up having pride in family
Corsica fighting with France for independence
At age 9 scholarship to study at military academy in France- Brienne
-seen as second class Frenchman (from Corsica)
-picked up politics, philosophyabsorbed information
Moved to Paris at 15began his studies
An artillery man-allowed him to dominate
-became an officer at 16; fought against royalists in French Revolution
1793-Tulane victory defeated British fleet; fearless
At 24 years old became general; jailedwithout position for many years
1795-Napoleon asked to protect National convention
March 9, 1796-Josephinemarries Napoleon
Revolutionized art of war; annihilatesvictoryconquest
-4 victories in less than a year
July 1798- Napoleon decides to confront Britain in Egypt
-also to understand Egyptian science/historyRosetta Stone
November 8, 1799-turn in French government looking at Napoleonbecomes consul
-new code of laws: religious toleration and demands education
-troops dominated Europe lead to glory
December 2, 1804- Notre Dame Cathedral: becomes emperor
Napoleon’s downfallbecause of glory
1809- decided to divorce Josephine: marries Marie Louise (archduchess of Austria)
1811- son: Napoleon Francis Joseph Charles (known as King of Rome)
-continental system- between Britain and Francebarred British ships to French ports; blockades began
1812- invades Russia during Russian winter; 500,000 men die
-tries to poison himself
-April 11, 1812- King Louis XVII; Napoleon resigns as ruler
-exile in Elbasaid he would return
-resistance organized against monarchy (France Revolution in full circle)
October 1813- defeated in Battle of Leipzig
March 7, 1815- Napoleon returns to France
March 20, 1815 march into Paris; recaptures France
-raise army againin 3 months time
-Belgium and Britain against France; troops march into Belgium
June 16, 1815- defeat Prussians
June 17, 1815- face Britain; against Duke of Wellington
June 18, 18185- Wellington to Waterloo; British and Prussians Wellington= to Napoleon in warfare
-emperial guard- last chance for him att his battle; 7:00 p.m. led them out
-future of France, fate of Europeall on the line
- army began to disentigrate; Napoleon headed back
October 15, 1815- exiled to St. Helena; spent six years until death
May 5, 1821- Napoleon dies

September 19

Napoleonstabilizes Francedictator
-born in Corsica-family probably Italian
-song of impoverished noble family
-became officer at age 19
- first victorygeneral
• defends national convention during French Revolution
- formed peace agreement with Italian and French
1799- coup of Brumaire part of triumvirateemperor
-new constitution orders; grand elector power for ten years
Macde changes trying to solve economic problem
1800- assassination attemptout of consul
-senate had much power; judicial and legislative reduced power
1802- electoral system changed; required action to order thingsjacobins still in denial; deported jacobins
-dechristianisation- peasants tied to Catholic church still
Pope Pius XVII accepted Napoleon’s rules Catholicism recognized as being major religion
• organic articles-gave him power over bishops, etc.
1806- Napoleon writes up catechism in Catholic schools

here you go guys! enjoy :]


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