My Notes 8/29/08

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My Notes 8/29/08

Post  Hanna on Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:51 pm

These are a bit lacking, so please add on!

Protestant Reformation- The Catholic Church in the 16th century was not fulfilling the duties of the church as a result to corrupt leaders. This began a division between kings and the church.

Doctrine of Two Swords - Separation of spiritual and secular. The Pope hold the Sword of Spiritual power and the King holds the Sword of Secular power. However, the Pope claims superiority over both realms and the kings claim that church and state are to be separate.

The Great Schism - aslso known as the Babylonian Captivity. The pope dies and the French are pressing to have a French pope. To make this happen , they forced the Pope to taken head quarters in France instead of Italy. At one point there were 2 popes, then 3. This resulted in an almost war and was resolved with 1 pope. This shakes the foundation of the church.

Swiss Guard - Pope's army and symbol of power

Divine Right of Kings-The king has power beyond secular power as he has been placed on the throne by God.

Martin Luther- provoked by siony, the selling of indulgences, and the prohibition of marriage for spiritual leaders of the church. He challened the Doctrine of the church by nailing his response to Pope Clement's jubilee on Castle Church in Vicies, Germany

Johan Tezal- traveling indulgence salesman/priest

On the way to Worms you run into Grub. Hahaha!

Diet of Worms- The leaders of the Church arranged to meet Martin Luther here. Afraid of the inquisition, Martin Luther hides in the Wartburg Castle (strategically sound placement up on a mountain). While in hiding he wrote large works that, thanks to Gutenburg's movable type , could be distributed to the masses.
- This situation was pushed aside when empirical succession draws the attention of the church.

Empirical Succession- The pope dies and a son wants to take over.

Piece of Augsburg- the princes of the Holy Roman Empire decide that they have the right to choose their own religion.

Lutheran- North Germany, Denmark,Norway, and Sweden

Catholic- South Germany down

Jan Hus- Martin Luther theology but challenging the the Orthodox church.

John Calvin-the founder of the Presbyterian Church. In france, he challenged Catholicism. However, the ruling dynasty of the time, the Bourdons, were devote Catholics. This theology believe in a communal church that elects their religious leadrs, doesn't accept apostalic succesion. Those who followed this doctrine in France were known as the Hugonats . There is a big battle between the Bourdons and a side family. The king dies and the infant son is in line to inherit the throne. Until he is old enough th govern , his aunt Catherine de Medici takes over. She is evil and sppresses the Huganots.

30 Years War- These are wars of religion that ends in 1648 at the Treaty of Wesphalia. This begins the Modern Era where peple have their own religion.

Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre-Huganots are murdered in Paris.

-France converts to Catholicism for religious tolerance. However, Protestants cannot worship in public.

English Reformation- Henrey VIII was a devote Catholic and is known as the Defender of the Faith. He is married to his late brother's wife, Catherine of Aragon and has a daughter, Mary.

-He wants a son to keep the crown in his family. He wants a divorce and appeals to the pope.. However, since the marriage was concimated there cannot be a an analment. Also, Catherine comes from Spain and with it's discovery of the New World was bringing in gold aslo donated to the Church a tithe making the Pope a rich man. This would end if Henry divorces Catherine, Mary will be labeled a bastard and bruise the ego of Spain.

-Establishes the Anglican Chruch with local clerks. Same theology of Catholic Church except the king is the learder.

-He is excommunicated and war ensues. There are many plots to kill off his clerks.

-Finally he gets a son, named Edward who is a sickly child and soon dies. Henry's 2 daughter are left. Mary, who is Catholic, is by birth the queen of Scotland and inherits the throne for a short time and inprisons her sister Elizabeth, who is a Protestant. Elizabeth inherits the crown and executes Mary after an attempt on her life in made.

-During Elizabeth's reign Spain tries to invade England via boatt. Francise Drake set frie ships out. To protect their ships, the Spain cut anchor and were swept up in the current, . Then they were caught in a storm and the Spanish armada was lost at sea and this victory solidifies Elizabeth's place on the throne. She never marries to keep the throne within their family.

- Spain tries to to invade 2 more times after 1588, but fails.

-William of Orange inherits and that is why George III is German.

The challeges of authority that happened during the Protestant Reformation changes religion and starts movement toward nations, making poeple first French and Catholic second.

These things are spend up by the American Revolution , which pits the French against the British.


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